Analytics Platform

for regulators

Regulators receive petabytes of data inflows in a highly structured format, but converting all of this data into useful information is still challenging.

Regscape can process any published taxonomy or framework and convert the XBRL submission files/instance documents into a common analytical storage model (our proprietary model or any other industry standard models) together with a full analytics framework.

Regscape XBRL services will automatically process the taxonomy definitions and provide the taxonomy meta data (e.g. form definitions, dimensions, metrics, assertions, open row information, enumerations, hierarchies etc.) to the analytics layer, providing business users with all relevant concepts. Our pre-built portfolio of dashboards and reports are based on the taxonomy definitions and provide instant access to the entire history of filings across frameworks, periods, supervised entities, versions, entry points, forms, datapoints, and dimensions.  Critically, this gives regulators’ users easy access to trend analysis, variance reporting, outlier detection, benchmarking, consistency checks, forecasting and cross taxonomy reconciliation.

Leveraging systematic AI and machine learning processes, Regscape’s Analytics Platform for Regulators provides hundreds of pre-built dashboards and analytic views, automated smart outlier detection scripts and an intuitive self-service analytics interface for ad-hoc investigations.

Key benefits

  • High performance
  • Technology agnostic
  • Enterprise class analytics
  • Form and dimensional based queries
  • Pre-defined (published) and self-defined (cross) validations
  • Automated outlier detection
  • AI/ML scripts embedded
  • Extensive set of statistical functions available using an intuitive graphical function builder
  • Smart report distribution and publication platform
  • Users build and share own analyses (dashboards, reports, calculation and querying scripts)

HIGH PERFORMANCE and instant results

Our platform comes with proven high performance metrics based on resolutely modern technology. It allows for processing large amounts of XBRL instance files in a fraction of the time, and transforming into analytics without needing to write complicated scripts. All delivered with out-of-the-box regulatory analytics.

Advanced Data Science
An optional data science workbench with very powerful statistical processing capabilities is available, enabling data scientists to write or leverage existing R, Python or SAS scripts. Using a classic “learn-predict” approach, data scientists can easily train machine learning models and deploy them into production, sharing them across the organization.

Self service analytics

Our analytics platform allows non-technical  business users to generate sophisticated analyses across multiple data marts (taxonomies, storage models, data types (csv vs. XBRL/xml/xls).  Business rules and calculations can be added to refine analysis and display results in a wide range of different graph types.

A huge advantage of such a live analytics platform is that data is always in context of the taxonomy definitions, dramatically reducing the amount of work required to ‘translate’ the filing information into useful analytics.

Publishing and distribution
The benefits of collaboration are tremendous for large organisations. The Regscape platform allows users to interact, share workload, share insights and to publish information to all stakeholders.

Ready to take next steps?

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