Regulators are continually challenged by the vast amount of data submitted, the rigorous validation processes, and the issues arising from maintaining consistency across taxonomies and versions.

Challenges for this industry

Many regulators are not fully taking advantage of the benefits of modern data technologies, leading to inefficient use of their own resources and challenges in providing genuine value to the regulated entities.

Pre-built analytics for Regulators

Regscape provides a version of its regulatory platform specifically designed for the needs of regulators. With powerful tools to automatically acquire submission data sets and provide full analytics and hundreds of pre-built dashboards and forms designed with the regulator in mind, such as outlier detection, like-for-like, benchmarking, consistency and validations.

Regscape for Regulators allows all regulated entities (FS) to constitute a universal data set for benchmarking, outlier detection, validation, cross taxonomy validation and consistency checking.

The solution is packaged with an advanced statistical and workbench allowing to leverage AI/ML scrips to develop custom built validations and outlier detection mechanism

As all taxonomies, all versions, all entry points and potentially all publicly disclosed XBRL filings can be combined into a single analytical datamart, there is no limit to the checks that can be run.

Simultaneously, we offer access to the transactional based data sets, the form-based data sets, and the dimensional based XBRL data sets combined. This provides an unparalleled analytical environment to define, distribute and publish analyses.

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